This program is appropriate for students who have just completed/graduated in their A-level studies or undergraduates.

We encourage students to participate in this program as it exposes students to a number of practical issues that cannot be learned in class, in addition students gain a deeper understanding of African Culture, History, Art and practical experiences and skills working with local communities and institutions. It helps student to make informed choices of pursuing careers that they want to undertake.

The programs under internship include:-

Human Rights

The program is designed to expose law/political science/international development and co-operation undergraduates and MBA students an opportunity to work in the fields of sustainable development, politics and political parties due to land and water, domestic violence, provision of legal aid, youth in decision making process.

Conflict Management

The program is a capacity building program that encourages principles of conflict resolution and management, using contemporary and modern approaches of responding to conflicts and the modern institutional systems of conflict prevention, management and resolution.


Our medical program is practicable, affordable and unique basing by the learning experience and satisfaction of past participants. This program is suited to aspiring medical students. The important element is that one needs to have a keen interest in the medical profession and be actively working towards joining medical school.


Capacity Building through its training seeks to build livelihood skills targeting the low income generating / slum areas in their IGA (Income Generating Activities)/small businesses which these groups undertake. The training also focuses on developing leadership as well building team cohesion which is necessary for the youth and women groups’ survival.


Internship Application

Applications should be received five weeks in advance and we encourage interns to come two days earlier to familiarize themselves with Nairobi city.

General Information

Intern(s) Activities

Interns will be involved in project activities. However, most interns will not be required to have specific skills.