About Us.

Friends of Pamoja

PIVS Kenya Internship formerly known as Pamoja International Voluntary Services (PIVS) is business entity registered in Kenya.

Alice So

Goodwill Representative

Alice So B.Com – Finance. PIVS Kenya Internship representative in China – Hong Kong. She did a volunteer program in Kenya 2009. Currently working as Marketing Executive in media and communications industry. Graduated at University of Toronto majoring in Finance and Commerce.

Christian Cattell

Goodwill Representative

Christian Cattel student TMCC in Reno, NV, US. Avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast. Life long goal is graduating from UNR in Reno NV, with a degree in wildlife ecology and conservation. Eventually becoming a pilot. Volunteered in Kenya 2011.

Aoki Saori

Goodwill Representative

Aoki Saori is a nurse by profession. PIVS Kenya Internship representative representative in Japan – Tokyo. She did volunteer program in Kenya in 2010 – 2011.

Matteo Bordin

Goodwill Representative

Matteo Bordin is a Politics and Development Co-operation graduate. PIVS Kenya Internship  representative in Italy – Rome. He did his volunteer program in Kenya 2009.

Elly Liu

Goodwill Representative

Elly Liu joined PIVS Kenya Internship as a communication and representative in Taiwan – Taipei. She did a volunteer program in Kenya 2009.

Sasan Karim

Goodwill Representative

Sasan Karim is a Lawyer. PIVS Kenya Internship representative in Germany – Munich.  He did a volunteer program in Kenya 2010.

Nichole Jones

Goodwill Representative

Nicky Jones has her formal education in Elementary Education, however, she decided to follow her dreams and open a Yoga and Wellness Studio where she lives in Victoria BC Canada.  Here, she works as a Yoga Instructor and Energy Healer.  In her free time, Nicky is always dreaming up another trip.  She has traveled around the world backpacking, teaching, volunteering, and simpling being. Kenya holds a very special place in her heart…mostly because of its lovely people.  “Pamoja International made the transition to African life and easeful and enjoyable experience.  When the time is right..I will definitely be back!”

PIVS Kenya Internship representative in Canada – British Columbia. She did volunteer program in Kenya in 2006. She is a teacher by profession and teaching YOGA.