Capacity Building through its training seeks to build livelihood skills targeting the low income generating / slum areas in their IGA (Income Generating Activities)/small businesses which these groups undertake. The training also focuses on developing leadership as well building team cohesion which is necessary for the youth and women groups’ survival.
The main courses on business management are how to start-up a business, basic business management skills, constitution making, how to improve your business and other courses which can be organized and modified according to clients requirements. Currently we are working with Haki Self group based in Kibera, by offering finance, administration skills to several low income groups undertaking various businesses.
PIVS utilizes modified approaches for these groups of persons. The students gain practical knowledge and experience, work side by side with professionals in different fields, are assigned task/duties to carry out, take part in stake holder meetings and monitoring and evaluation of funds usage and training impact.
This means that the products developed and their packages, training offered, guarantee mechanism and monitoring techniques employed will depends on the client category. We do this with the help of volunteers whom most of them are finance, commerce, and international development students.