Internship Program.


Our medical program is practicable, affordable and unique basing by the learning experience and satisfaction of past participants.

This program is suited to aspiring medical students. The important element is that one needs to have a keen interest in the medical profession and be actively working towards joining medical school. Academic qualifications for admission to our program will vary based on school system of your respective country. Our program provides real life exposure of what it means to be a doctor, which is critically important for someone contemplating a medical career.

Applicants should consider volunteering at a local hospital or clinic to gain practical experience in the health professions – this suggestion is obviously applicable to all applicants to all medical schools and we believe the program is useful. We give students exposure to as many clinical fields as possible – clinical medicine, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, emergency medicine and critical care, general and orthopedic surgery, E.N.T, ophthalmology and radiology.

Students are taken in rotations that help you attain real life exposure and integrating theoretical knowledge. You will observe the supervising doctors and consultants to enable you draw and understanding of diverse aspects relating to cared of patients such as relevant history taking in various body systems, physical examination, relevant laboratory investigations and their interpretation, arriving at pertinent diagnosis and appropriate treatment measures.Various procedures in the clinical medicine and pediatric rotations may be viewed, including administrations of various injections, lumbar punctures, insertion of intravenous cannulae, nasogastric intubation, lymph node biopsies, etc. You may observe in various general and orthopedic surgeries.

Within obstetric and gynecology department, you will be permitted to view various procedures, which may include normal deliveries, cesarean sections, tubal ligations and several others.

Because we view our programs as not just an internship, we encourage students to avail themselves to activities that will facilitate cultural exchange and appreciation for their host country.

The students will use their hands, mechanical and electrical machines as well as natural elements like heat and cold to assist clients in the alleviation of pain, restoration to good health and enhancement of function. If it is not possible for clients to return to a normal life, physiotherapists assist in their rehabilitation to a full life within the restrictions of their disabilities.

Some of the procedures students will engage in include the following:

In addition, the program provides letter of recommendation and guidance with regard to where to apply to medical school. 

PIVS Kenya Internship is collaborating with 4 Government hospitals in Kisumu, Nyahera, Kangundo and Coast (Level 3-5 hospitals)