International Work Camps

PIVS organizes International Work camps in various parts of Kenya where Volunteers, mostly from different countries, come together and work on a common project towards a common objective for the benefit of local population. In this setting, volunteers are able to face,
experience and deal with each other differences which will eventually end up in understanding friendship and peaceful co-existence between people of different nationality, races and colour.

Apart for the normal routine work, volunteers interact community eat local meals and stay in a
local accommodation. Volunteers appreciate and respect each other despite their differences in culture, education, religion race and so on, rather than negative criticism and stereo type notion/ideology. We encourage person/individuals to give their time energy, resources and
commitment by taking part in the International Voluntary Service. Volunteers are encouraged to be initiative, creative, and patient while volunteering. Motivation and commitment is what we desire in the volunteers, in addition if you have specific expertise we utilize it accordingly.
Some of the projects undertaken during work camps are:

  • Construction of social amenities for the Community.
  • Agriculture enhancement programs.
  • Rehabilitation of rundown community facilities.
  • Community services in Children orphanage or homes for the Aged.
  • Use of volunteer skills i.e. Teaching, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture etc. to serve in the community.
  • Renovations of community facilities.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of the community with which they are involved in by working hand in hand with the local community. Most of the projects require unskilled labour though PIVS encourages the volunteers to provide their services in the area of their expertise training.

A work camp takes a period of 2 to 3 weeks depending on the nature of the project. Our Camps accommodate 5 -10 volunteers with the number of international volunteers being half of the total volunteers.

International Work Camps are held during the months of February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

This program is prepared and planned together with the host community or institution, local administration, government, CBO’s and NGO’s and CSOs in marginalized areas. Activities range from water-tank construction, construction of schools, hospitals, farming, environment issues, harvesting among others.

We also hold workshops, cultural festival, outings/visits entertainment and experiencing the rural setup or way of life.

This project helps both the local and the international participants to get exposed to development issues, acquire a wide perception of world issues and also develop leadership acumen and Inter-cultural exchange between people of different political, social and economic background.

The International work camp duration is 14 – 21 days.
Applications should be received five weeks in advance and we encourage volunteers to come two days earlier to familiarize themselves with Nairobi city and also meet other volunteers.