This is designed for those participants – volunteers/interns who are interested in Kenyan history and culture, adventure, wildlife, safari visiting National Parks and Reserves etc.
Safari is arranged upon prior request by the volunteer – participant, or any interested individual or groups of persons/students Any interested individual or parties can do this program any time upon request. For International volunteers, this program is undertaken before or after the volunteer finishes his/her program.
We have a 1 – day program for volunteer(s) interested in learning the culture, Art and History of Kenya. This is done before the volunteer begins his/her program or after his/her program. This depends if the volunteer arrives 2 or more days prior to the program or he/she has some extra days after the completion of his/her program. Note: This program will not be done when the volunteer is undertaking her/his respective program. We have a 4 days Safari either at Maasai Mara National Reserve and Serengeti National Park