Medium Term Volunteering (MTV)

PIVS also organizes medium term volunteer programs, which takes a minimum of 1 to 6 months. This is mainly for volunteers who seek to sharpen their skills or do research while at the same time helping local communities in the area of their training/interests. This is equivalent to year
out programs. We encourage persons to participate in this program as it can expose and widen their skills in an international scope, especially for persons who want to gain a deeper understanding of African Culture, History, Art and practical experiences working with local communities and institutions.

Some of the areas/fields of MTV that Pamoja International Voluntary Services organizes are:

  • Social Work
  • Youth Development
  • Education and Training
  • Micro finance
  • Environment and Marine Conservation
  • Agricultural Development and Fair Trade

This program is designed to give the volunteer comprehensive field experience in their area of expertise/training.

This program is carried out in collaboration with:

  • Orphanage/Home (Aged, Children and Disabled)
  • Hospitals (Government and Private)
  • Schools (Government and Private)
  • Non Governmental Organization and Civil Societies Organizations

Education and Training – Teaching in Primary and Secondary / High School Will be done in the following months January – March, May – July and September – November.
Applications should be received five weeks in advance and we encourage volunteers to come two days earlier to familiarize themselves with Nairobi city.
Volunteer(s) who participate in this program is fully integrated in our culture, political, social and economic landscape, at the same time