Volunteers will be involved in the implementation of the project. However, most volunteers will not be required to have specific skills. Volunteers will work hand in hand with the local communities/ institution(s) with local skilled technicians/consultants hired by the community. Usually by the time volunteers arrive for the project, work will already have commenced, so that volunteers can help complete the project.

PIVS Kenya Internship programs are not a leisure holiday or adventure therefore we require Volunteers who are committed, motivated and willing to assist the host community/ Institution.

Kenyan Experience

PIVS Kenya Internship  strongly emphasizes on the aspect Voluntary and Culture, we are welcoming open minded Volunteers who want to learn about African-Kenyan culture appreciate and respect different diverse cultures. The volunteers will have an opportunity to meet and find out about the local people and experience their simple living conditions and culture. Volunteers will be taken to festivals, markets and local activities where possible.

In addition community elders and invited guests will give occasional informal evening talks on cultural matters so that volunteers learn more about the local culture.


The volunteers will be housed with the host family several kilometers and or within the next to the program site. The accommodation is secure and each volunteer will have own room and bed.


During their free time on Saturday and Sunday, volunteers will go for excursions to local places of interest (this will usually depend with the area) such as National parks, cultural centers, monuments e.t.c. Transport cost for excursions, free time activities and other private traveling, accommodation cost out of arranged program site, should be volunteers responsibility.

Living Conditions

There will be challenges at times especially the first 3-4 days because of new surroundings, the people, food, climate and work. Volunteers should be aware that conditions will be basic. Volunteers will do most of the work like washing your clothes, food preparation, general cleaning etc.


Travel health insurance is a must in order for you to attend PIVS work camps. The insurance should cover emergency repatriation and include an international emergency help line. We also advice volunteers to carry a first Aid kit for dealing with minor cuts and ailments.


English should be the medium of communication unless an intern is completely unable to communicate in English.

Medium term volunteer participation fee per month Euros 450

Participation fee includes:-

Participation fee does NOT include: