This will involve physical/manual/mental work. Normally this will take place 5 hours in the morning before lunch (Monday to Friday). Detailed information about the work will be sent to all organizations/individuals before the program starts

Cultural Night

Each country presented in the camp normally has one night to present their culture.


These trips are organized depending on the possibilities for recreation existing in each area as well as the interest and need for each program. This is normally done on weekends but in special case weekdays.

NOTE: Work camps are organized in different locations in partnership with local authorities, government, other N.G.O.S and Civil Societies Organizations e.t.c. The location, project activities are subject to change so please be flexible.


PIVS Kenya Internship provides accommodation, which could be in local school’s classroom, tents, huts (traditional African Thatch and Mud constructed houses), Host family, or whatever facility is available in the community setting. We advise volunteers to bring their own pillow, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, mosquito net and tropical quilt. Toilet will be the “Asian type” or what we refer to pit latrines or Turkish toilets, Water for bathing will be boiled. Usually there will be no showers, volunteers will use buckets, which will be provided for. Volunteers are expected to understand provision of electricity and hot-water will not be available in most cases. Cooking appliances such as Gas cookers and Electrical cookers will not be available, only “Jikos” (Charcoal Burners) and the traditional 3 stones cooker and use of firewood. Volunteers must be flexible and understand most of our programs are in rural set up. In some cases if programs are held in urban cities provisions of tap water and electricity is available.


Most meals will be of a local nature, although once in a while will have western and Asian cultural nights and volunteers will have an opportunity to prepare their local food-dish. Vegetarian’s meals will also be available. Volunteers will be cooking in turns and all volunteers are expected to participate in preparing food and take care of the kitchen.


Transport from the office to the site will be borne by the volunteers. Volunteers often find it exciting experience travelling by public transport.


Travel health insurance is a must in order for you to attend PIVS work camps. The insurance should cover emergency repatriation and include an international emergency help line. We also advice volunteers to carry a first Aid kit for dealing with minor cuts and ailments.

Participation Fees

Volunteer’s participation fee covers accommodation and Administration and logistics expenses.

Expenses outside the program budget will be met by the volunteers themselves e.g. of this will be medical, entertainment, traveling costs etc.

Volunteers should pay their registration-participation fees before attending/participating in their respective programs.
Prospective Volunteer will be required to pay a Commitment fee before they can be accepted to participate in any program. This fee is non-refundable and usually to secure program participation.

Any Volunteer who applies to PIVS directly, other than being sent by any of our Partner Organization will also be required to pay the Commitment fee before he-she can be accepted to participate in any program. This applies to all programs

PIVS does not pay money to any Host Organization or and Community for Volunteer’s placement. We only cater for volunteer meals and accommodation.

Programs participation fee for International Work Camp

Participation fee includes:-

Participation fee does NOT include: